What is WhiteHat SEO?

The reader asked me this question.

“The words “White Hat SEO” and “Black Hat SEO” appear in the video. What do you mean?”

This reader seems to be able to speak English.
It’s not a phrase that often appears, but I noticed it well.

It is a word that I often come across when I see overseas SEO sites, forums, and newsletters.

Let me explain.

▼ About White Hat SEO

It is a recommended method to create a web page without breaking search engine search rules (called algorithms).

↓ It’s a good idea to read it briefly.

[Google] Guidelines for webmasters

[Yahoo! Japan] Help for site administrators

[MSN (Live.com)] Site Owner Help

It follows the rules set by each search engine.

And the most important thing is to “publish a site that provides really useful information to visitors”.

● Google’s mission

“Google’s mission is to use Google’s own search engine to organize information around the world to make it accessible and informative.”

*Quoted from Google company profile

The point is “… systematize information from all over the world and make it useful”.

Ultimate SEO is how we can provide high quality information to our visitors.

Imagine for a moment.

You, or your family, have an incurable disease.
So I searched online for treatments and reputable hospitals.
When you visit the site found in the search results…

Full of AdSense ads and introductions to affiliates.

What do you think

You are in trouble, but they can’t help you.
It is a completely garbage site.

On the other hand, from the search engine’s perspective, it provides less useful information to the user, so the rating is lowered.

The number of users decreases because “the quality of the search is inferior”.

As a result, profits such as advertising revenue are reduced.
(The search engine operators don’t offer search services as volunteers.)

There are sayings that are often used in the SEO world overseas.

“Content is a king.” “Content is a king.

First and foremost, it is important to create a website that provides truly useful information.
On top of that, SEO strategies such as “title tag”, “h tag”, “page layout”, and “backlink” come to life.
Be sure to carry out your SEO strategy with “content is available”.

White Hat SEO is resistant to algorithm changes.
Far from being strong, the more sophisticated the search engine algorithm, the higher it will rank, so it will probably help to land more customers which is what a business is about, and you can also measure the customer experience using a follow up for this using software from https://www.qualtrics.com/customer-experience/closed-loop-followup/ that help in this area.

On the other hand, sites that have taken SEO measures out of the back of the algorithm may lower their ranking at once by updating the algorithm.
In the worst case, it may be subject to index deletion and for the payments of your business, learning how to get a paystub from direct deposit is the best choice for this.

The White Hat SEO is permanent and able to attract more visitors.

SEO doesn’t fight Google, Yahoo!, or MSN at all.

You get along with them and fight competing sites.

If you want it to appear higher than your competitors, you need to provide content that is deeper than your competitors.

That’s right.

However, even with that being said, “it may be the most difficult to provide rich content and useful information,” says Tsukkomi.

That’s where “Black Hat SEO” comes in.

▼ Many foul tricks that good children should not imitate

Keyword spam
・Hidden text
・Alt spamming
・meta tag stuffing
・Automatic site generation tool
・Automatic mutual link

Next time, I will explain “Black Hat SEO”.

This may be more interesting.

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