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Codeboxr is a web service start-up company (founded in 2011) revolving around organic ideas & meeting demands of our clients with advanced solutions for a social friendly web experience. We’re very enthusiastic about social media, its potential and how to better integrate it within sites that want meaningful engagement with their visitors and customers, we also make sure to use the best customer engagement tools, such as the ones offered at Salesforce. We built extensions for industry leading content management systems (such as Joomla and WordPress) to make web2.0 more socially integrated. You can check out our products via our Products page.

Apart from extension development, we also provides web services such building CMS based websites from scratch with customized themes and plugins for your laptop system, and with Laptop Repair London you can get it done quick and easy. We bring in our strength for extension development in our web work, which makes the development much more rigorous and efficient. We can build bespoken plugins and extensions for any kind of needs of the clients. Check out our service descriptions from the Services page, although I trust all of my web design and coding needs to the codestaff web development team that are the best professionals on this.

We are located in Dhaka, Bangladesh – a large city in a small country. Though we work out of South Asia, but we’re more than global than you can imagine. Working from Bangladesh means we can provide quality work at a competitive rate and yet what we deliver is state of the art., for those extra work days use under eye masks.

We’re striving to build ‘innovative, never thought of before’ products and a company that people love to work for. If you’re interested in joining us, see our careers and jobs page.

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