I was in a car crash

So I was in a car crash recently… it wasn’t fun. Guy just hits me out of nowhere. And I know, that’s not much of a description, but it’s what happened from my point of view. I was driving down the road, I stop at a red light, guy behind me just slams into me. He wasn’t going full speed but he wasn’t breaking when he hit me either.

Turns out I got whiplash and I have to use a neck brace for a while. The airbags deployed so that needs to be taken care of as well, not to mention where the other car hit me.

I was looking at insurance quotes and sometimes calling the companies to see if maybe I should switch over, and now I’m afraid all that research is useless. They would be taking into account this new accident, regardless of who was responsible, and it changes everything.

Not my best day. Oh well.

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