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  • Item Name : WPLandingz – App & Product Landing WordPress Theme
  • Item Version : v 1.0.0
  • Author : Codeboxr
  • Support : Contact Us

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Overview #back to top

WPLandingz – App & Product Landing WordPress Theme is an awesome WordPress template built with modern technologies like Elementor Page Builder, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap3.x, Font Awesome 4.x, LESS, Gulp, and more which is specially designed for any kind of promotion . To easily modify all those pages according to your need, this documentation is going to help you.

App Landing Version

  1. Parallax Banner
  2. Feature
  3. Screenshot
  4. Pricing
  5. Statistics
  6. Blog
  7. Video
  8. Faq
  9. Call To Action
  10. Testimonial
  11. Contact

Sports Landing Version

  1. Banner
  2. Feature
  3. Service
  4. Pricing
  5. Blog
  6. Faq
  7. Testimonial
  8. Contact

Supported Plugins #back to top

Install Theme #back to top

After download unzip the package you will find a folder named "wplandingz.zip" in that folder which is the zip package of the them.Then please follow the instruction given below.

  1. Go to your wordpress admin panel, Appearance.

  2. Go to Themes. Click Add New.

  3. Now click "Upload Theme". Choose the zip file and upload it.

  4. Now Activate Theme.

Install Plugins #back to top

To install the suggested and required plugins of this theme, follow the instruction.

  1. Go to your wordpress admin panel, Appearance. Then click to Install Plugins.

  2. Hit checkbox's of Required plugins and select bulk selection firstly install and hit apply buttn. After that again hit checkbox's of Required plugins and select bulk selection activate and hit apply button.

Import Demo Data #back to top

To Import Demo Data of this theme, follow the instruction.

  1. Go to your wordpress admin panel, Appearance. Then click to Import Demo Data.

  2. Hit Import Demo Data button and wait for several minutes.

  3. After Several minutes, Demo Data Import process will be completed.

Theme Customization #back to top

To start customizing the theme need to do little setup. Open command promt in the WordPress root folder. Please note that, you need to do this if you want to compile less to css and compile js and minify as per our theme setup or how provided.

Make sure you opened the command prompt to WordPress root directory. Now type: npm install. It will install necessary node modules. If you don't have node.js installed then download and install for your os version.

Then Copy gulpfile.js from Theme root directory to WordPress root directory and run following script for installing node modules.

  1. npm install --global gulp
  2. npm install gulp --save-dev
  3. npm install gulp-less --save-dev
  4. npm install gulp-minify-css --save-dev
  5. npm install gulp-watch --save-dev
  6. npm install gulp-minify --save-dev
  7. npm install gulp-rename --save-dev

After all node modules are installed successfully type gulp in command prompt and see it will compile all less files from less dir and put single css file(s) in css dir. Same time from dir js theme.js will be minified and new file theme.min.js will be created/updated.

Import Elementor Template #back to top

To import Elementor Template, please follow the instruction. Elementor Template is located in package bundle and folder name is " elementor_template ". There are two Landing Template - App Landing Template , Sports Landing Template.

  1. Go to Elementor from left sidebar, click My Library.

  2. Hit Import Template button then choose your file from storage and hit Import Now.

  3. To use Elementor Template , go any page edit option and change Template from Page Attributes.

  4. Go to Edit with Elementor. Hit Add Template

  5. Hit My Template, Choose Any Template and hit Insert.

Google Map API #back to top

To use CBX Google Map, it must to have google map api key, go to this link and grab your google map api key. To enable CBX Google Map, please follow the instruction.

  1. Go to CBX Googlemaps from left sidebar, click Settings.

  2. Enter Google Map API Key.

Contact Form #back to top

To use Contact Form, it must to have Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin. Please follow the instruction.

  1. Contact Form Code Snippet

    [text* your-name class:form-control placeholder "Name"]
    [email* your-email class:form-control placeholder "Email"]
    [textarea your-message class:form-control placeholder "Message"]
    [submit class:btn class:btn-block "Send"]

Version History (Changelog) #back to top


                                        Version 1.0 - 01.02.2018

                                        - Initial Release


Credits & Acknowledgements #back to top

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